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Whale Music

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107 minutes – Comedy/Drama
Release date: September 8, 1994
Canadian distributor: Alliance Atlantis

If you know anything about the history of pop music, it is impossible to watch Whale Music and its star, Maury Chaykin, without thinking of Beach Boy Brian Wilson. Chaykin, who won the Best Actor Genie for his work in this film, plays Desmond Howl, a former rock star who has lived in seclusion in a ramshackle seaside mansion since the death of his brother Danny (Paul Gross) in a car accident. Howl spends his time composing a symphonic masterpiece for the whales who congregate in the ocean near his property. His reason for this is revealed in the title of one of his songs, “Have You Seen My Brother?” — Danny died by losing control of his car and driving off a cliff into the ocean. One day, however, Howl awakens to find Claire (Cyndy Preston), a mysterious young woman, in his living room. Although Howl`s world is disrupted, Claire ends up inspiring him to complete the symphony, to write his first great pop song in years, and to begin seeking connections with people again.

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Steven DeNure
Raymond Hart Massey

Executive Producer:

David Hauka
Robert Lantos

Associate Producer:

Eric Norlen


Richard J. Lewis


Paul Quarrington
Richard J. Lewis


Vic Sarin


Richard Martin


George Blondheim
The Rheostatics

Production Designer:

Rex Raglan

Art Director:

Charles Leitrants

Costume Designer:

Toni Burroughs-Rutter

Cast: Roles:

Maury Chaykin
Cynthia Preston
Paul Gross
Jennifer Dale
Kenneth Welsh
Blu Mankuma
Alan Jordan
Tom Lavin
Jim Byrnes
Deborah Duchene
Paul Quarrington
Janne Mortil
Suzanne Ristic
Roman Podhora
Sherri Wong
Arlene Warren
Jacqueline A. Gauthier
Stephanie Blumer

Desmond Howl
Claire Lowe
Daniel Howl
Fay Ginzburg-Howl
Kenneth Sexstone
Mookie Saunders
Sal Goneau
Monty Mann
Dewey Moore
Bobby Sue
Pete the Bartender
Monty`s Wife
Prison Guard