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When Night is Falling

When Night is Falling, image,

93 minutes – Drama
Release date: May 5, 1995
Canadian distributor: Alliance Films

When Night is Falling is Patricia Rozema’s third feature and is a modern fable about a young Calvinist theology student (Pascale Bussières) who finds herself falling in love with another woman, a flamboyant circus performer (Crawford), a situation that makes her question her faith and her relationship with her boyfriend. Henry Czerny rounds out the fine cast as Bussières’s puzzled amour who is left behind by her new tryst. While the film won a certain lesbian following, it is essentially a fairly rudimentary coming-out story. It undoubtedly features some of the most erotic love scenes ever captured on Canadian celluloid and its overall serious mood is lightened by a touch of magic realism. – Essential Guide to Canadian Film.

When Night is Falling, movie, poster.



Barbara Tranter

Executive Producer:

Robert Lantos

Associate Producer:

Sandra Cunningham


Patricia Rozema


Patricia Rozema

Story Editor:

Paul Bettis


Douglas Koch


Susan Shipton


Lesley Barber

Production Designer:

John Dondertman

Costume Designer:

Linda Muir

Cast: Roles:

Pascale Bussières
Rachael Crawford
Henry Czerny
David Fox
Don McKellar
Tracy Wright
Clare Coulter
Karyne Steben
Sarah Steben
Jonathan Potts
Tom Melissis
Stuart Clow
Richard W. Farrell
Fides Krucker
Thom Sokoloski
Jennifer Roblin
Jacqueline Casey
Sigrid Johnson

Camille Baker
Petra Soft
Reverend DeBoer
Trapeze Artist #1
Trapeze Artist #2
Hang Glider #1
Hang Glider #2
Hang Glider #3
Board President
Roaring Woman
Man with Goatee
Iron Swinger #1
Iron Swinger #2