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Intern Academy

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99 minutes – Comedy
Release date: September 10, 2004
DVD release date: July 25, 2006
Canadian distributor: TVA Films

The fictional St. Alberts Hospital (actually the real but abandoned Charles Camsell hospital in Edmonton, Alberta) is in trouble and its best doctors are abandoning their posts. This leaves six young interns on medicine`s frontline to learn by doing, which is probably not the way you want to learn medicine. There are surgical slip-ups, lost patients, hot-tub parties in physiotherapy and mayhem in the morgue. If that doesn’t keep you interested, there`s also sex in the halls to help keep morale high in what might be the worst hospital in the world. Intern Academy, which began life as Whitecoats, focuses on the young and up-and-coming; not just the interns but, by extension, the actors playing them. While the cast includes a veritable Who’s Who of Northernstars, it is the less well-known names that are the focus of the movie. As the trailer says: “They’re young. They’re smart. They’re almost doctors… Just pray to God that they don’t operate on you.”

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Josh Miller

Executive Producer:

Andrew Alexander
Kevin DeWalt


Dave Thomas


Dave Thomas


John Spooner


Doug Forbes

Cast: Roles:

Peter Oldring
Pat Kelly
Dan Aykroyd
Dave Thomas
Carly Pope
Viv Leacock
Maury Chaykin
Dave Foley
Lynda Boyd
Matt Frewer
Saul Rubinek
Christine Chatelain
Ingrid Kavelaars
Jane McLean
Coralie Cairns
Ron Pederson
Don Bottomley
Meghan Heffern

Mike Bonnett
Dale Dodd
Dr. Cyril Kipp
Dr. Omar Olson
Sarah Calder
Marlon Thomas
Dr. Roget Toussant
Dr. Denton Whiteside
Cynthia Sykes
Dr. Anton Keller
Dr. Sam Bonnert
Mitzi Cole
Mira Towers
Christine Lee