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B: July 12, 1957 in Sheffield, England

Neil Whitely wanted to be an actor since he was seven years old. But when he was young he never pursued thatdream. He never acted in a school play, for example. In his 20s he started a clothing company which he ran for 25 years. His interest in acting was rekindled when his daughter, Nicki, was 9 and told him she wanted to be an actress. While he was with her for auditions or while on set working, Whitely decided that he too would finally try to fulfill his long suppressed dream of being an actor. And he’s never looked back, despite beginning his career relatively late in life.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

The Loss (2005, short)
Rebirth (2006, short)
Zoom (2006)
Drop Box (VR-2006)
God’s Own Country (2007, short)
The Healing Syndrome (2007, short)
God Incorporated (2007, short)
I’d Do Anything (2007, short)
Afia (2008, short)
The Love Guru (2008)
Plantation (2009, short)
Speed Limit (2009, short)
The Pickle and the Patriarch (2009, short)
Fuel (2009)

Repo Men (2010)
RED (2010)
A Little Bit Zombie (2012)
Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town (TV-2012)
Seven Years (2010, short)
A Man is a Man is a Man (2013, short)
Pacific Rim (2013)
Game of Assassins (2013)
How to Build a Better Boy (TV-2014)
Bronson Goodyear, Background Professional (2014, short)
Acapulco (2014, short)
American Riot (2015, short)
Christmas Incorporated (TV-2015)
Arnold (2016, short)
Acting Up (2016, short)
Shimmer Lake (2017)
Pyewacket (2017)
Our House (2018)

TV Series – Cast:
Bad Blood (2017, mini-series)

TV Series – Guest appearances:
Lost Girl (2010)
Cra$h & Burn (2010)
Rookie Blue (2010)
Breakout Kings (2011)
The Firm (2012)
Nikita (2012)
Beauty and the Beast (2013)
Defiance (2013)
Kid’s Town (2013)
Between (2015)
Hemlock Grove (2015)
The Girlfriend Experience (2016)

Our House, poster,
Poster for Our House courtesy of Elevation Pictures