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B: June 30, 1931 in Toronto, Ontario

D: June 27, 1998 in Toronto, Ontario

Joyce Wieland was primarily an artist who occasionally used film as a medium. She also painted and used fabric. She studied at Toronto`s Central Technical School and launched her first exhibition of paintings in 1960. In 1962 Wieland and her then husband, Michael Snow moved to New York where they stayed until 1970. It was during this time that she became a prominent figure in experimental film making such award-winning films as Rat Life and Diet in North America, and Reason Over Passion. She also working on a series of paintings about plane crashes and disasters like sinking boats. In film, she is usually remembered for her feature-length film, The Far Shore. An example of her work can be seen by entering the Spadina subway station at 85 Spadina Road. The huge quilt titled “Barren Ground Caribou” which she produced in 1978 hangs there. Afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease, Joyce Wieland died more than a decade after giving up on filmmaking in part, according to an article in a 1996 edition of the Toronto Star in which Judy Street, producer of The Far Shore stated, “Wieland was discouraged… by the copycat, B-movie mentality of many Canadian producers and investors.”

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Tea in the Garden (1958, short)
A Salt in the Park (1959, short, co-directed with Michael Snow)

Larry’s Recent Behaviour (1963, short)
Patriotism I (1964, short)
Patriotism II (1964, short)
Water Sark (1965, short)
Peggy’s Blue Skylight (1964)

Barbara’s Blindness (1967, short, co-directed with Betty Fergusson)
Handtinting (1967, short)
1933 (1967, short)
Sailboat (1967, short)
Catfood (1967, short)
Bill`s Hat (1967, short)
Rat Life and Diet in North America (1968, short)
Dripping Water (1969, short, co-directed with Michael Snow)
Reason Over Passion (1969)

Pierres Vallières (1972, short)
Solidarity (1973, short)
The Far Shore (1975)

A & B in Ontario (1984, short)
Birds at Sunrise (1986 , short)