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Donald Winkler
1940 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

;Donald Winkler © Lois Siegel;
Photo Copyrght © Lois Siegel – Used with permission

For more than thirty years Donald Winkler has been making documentary films that capture the many faces of Canadian cultural life. From 1967 to 1995 he was a director and writer at the National Film Board of Canada in Montreal.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Doodle Film (1970)
Bannerfilm (1972)
In Praise of Hands (1974)
Metal Workers (1975)
Earthware (1975)
Wax and Wool (1976)
Threads (1976)
Travel Log (1978-W)
Sun, Wind and Wood (1978)
Bookmaker`s Progress (1979-W)

Earle Birney: Portrait of a Poet (1981)
F.R.Scott: Rhyme and Reason (1982)
The Scholar in Society: Northrop Frye in Conversation (1984)
Poet: Irving Irving Layton Observed (1986)
A Tall Man Executes a Jig by Irving Layton (1986)
Al Purdy: A Sensitive Man (1988)
Winter Prophecies: The Poetry of Ralph Gustafson (1988)

People and Science: A Last Crop of Houses (1990)
Still Waters: The Poetry of P.K.Page (1990)
Breaking a Leg: Robert Lepage and the Echo Project (1992-W)
The Summer of ’67 (1994)
Tomson Highway: Thank You for the Love You Gave (1997)
A Sephardic Journey: Solly Lévy, From Morocco to Montréal (TV-1999)

Maureen Forrester: The Diva in Winter (2000)
A Red Carpet for the Sun: The Life of Irving Layton (TV-2002)
Marie-Nicole Lemieux: A Voice for all Seasons (TV-2003)
The Pines of Emily Carr (TV-2005)
Moshe Safdie: The Power of Architecture (2005)
The Colour of Memory: Conversations with Guido Molinari (2005)
Ode to a Requiem (2007)
Suzie LeBlanc: A Musical Quest (2007)

Credits as a Screenwriter:
Travel Log (1978)
Bookmaker`s Progress (1979)

Breaking a Leg: Robert Lepage and the Echo Project (1992)