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Wonderfilm Global Born at Cannes

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Wonderfilm Global Born at Cannes
by Staff

(May 16, 2019, Cannes, France) Mostly known for its selection of films and awards, the Cannes Film Festival is also one of the most important industry events on the annual film calendar. Business deals are part and parcel of the film biz. As someone once said, without the biz, there’d be no film.

Yesterday Wonderfilm Media Corporation and 101 Films International Ltd., announced a new joint venture created to transform the movie distribution market. The combination of the expertise of the two companies is the strength behind the new entity to be known as Wonderfilm Global, which will offer a full range of services from green-lighting a project all the way through to globalAndy Lyon, image, distribution. 
Industry veteran Andy Lyon (pictured) will become CEO of Wonderfilm Global. Lyon co-founded 101 Films in 2011 and has created the one of the UK’s largest independent all-rights distribution business. 
“We are excited to be working with Wonderfilm on this opportunity,” said Andy Lyon, CEO 101 Films.”With Wonderfilm’s ambitious production slate and the support of 101 Films International, Wonderfilm Global is in a unique position to become a worldwide powerhouse for international production, sales and distribution.” 

Specializing in cast-driven, genre-raising independent movies, 101 Films has had success with movies including Left Behind (Nicolas Cage), Braven (Jason Mamoa), Jeepers Creepers 3 and I Am Wrath (John Travolta). This year, 101 Films will release the highly anticipated reimagining of David Cronenberg’s classic cult hit Rabid, the Kurt Russell cyber heist crime thriller Crypto, the Tye Sheridan thriller Night Clerk and Wonderfilm-produced Segal and DMX action features Beyond the Law and Exit Wounds.
“It is an exciting time for Wonderfilm Media in announcing this partnership with 101 Films International,” said Wonderfilm founder Kirk Shaw. “Since we formed Wonderfilm Media 18 months ago, securing our own International Sales Agency was forefront of our growth strategy. This joint venture represents a massive win for Wonderfilm and allows us direct control over the exploitation of our slate of films.” Co-founders of Wonderfilm Media Corp include Jeff Bowler, Bret Saxon and Dan Grodnik. Together, they have produced and financed over 350 films.
Wonderfilm Global has corporate offices in Vancouver BC, production offices in Beverly Hills and is publicly traded (TSX Venture Exchange: WNDR) entertainment company. Its Asian distribution office is in Seoul, South Korea. Their core business is producing market-driven independent feature films and quality television series for multi-platform global exploitation. Current productions include the feature films, Moose (staring John Travolta) and Primal (starring Nicolas Cage.) They are known for bringing new financing solutions to an entertainment industry increasingly looking for funding and co-production alternatives.