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Wynonna Earp (2016-2021)

Wynonna Earp, TV series, image,

60 minutes – Supernatural, Western, Horror
Language: English
Originating Network: Syfy
Date of first broadcast: April 1, 2016
Production companies: SEVEN24 Films, IDW Entertainment, Cineflix Studios
Distributors: IDW Entertainment, Dynamic Television, Cineflix Rights

Season 1: 13 episodes
Season 2: 12 episodes
Season 3: 12 episodes
Season 4: 12 episodes

Based on a comic series by Beau Smith and created by writer Emily Andras, Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) is the great-great-granddaughter of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. On her 27th birthday, she inherits a special power enabling her to send “revenants” (who are the reincarnated outlaws that Wyatt had killed) back to Hell. She carries her ancestor’s magic gun known as Peacemaker. Other targets include different supernatural beings that inhabit the Ghost River Triangle, a cursed territory near the Canadian Rockies that includes Purgatory, Wynonna Earp’s hometown.

Wynonna Earp was a US-Canada co-production, shot in Alberta. Each episode runs 43 minutes, which we round up to 60 minutes including the time reserved for commercials.

Note: Born in 1848, Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp was a real Old West lawman and gambler in the American West, including Dodge City, Deadwood, and Tombstone. Earp took part in the famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

Note: As with many series, there can be hundreds of actors with appearances in anywhere from 1 episode to 4 or 5. We list the Main Cast, which we define as anyone with 7 or more appearances in this series.

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Executive Producer:

Ted Adams (2016-2021)
Brian Dennis (2016-2021)
Emily Andras (2016-2021)
Rick Jacobs (2016-2021)
Todd Berger (2016-2021)
Tom Cox (2016-2021)
Jordy Randall (2016-2021)
David Ozer (2016-2017)
Brett Burlock (2020-2021)
David Colburn (2020-2021)
Peter Emerson (2020-2021)

Co-Executive Producer:

Paolo Barzman (2016-2021)
Brendon Yorke (2016-2021)
Noelle Carbone (2018-2021)

Supervising Producer:

James Hurst

Consulting Producer:

Brendon Yorke


Paolo Barzman (2016-2021)
Ron Murphy (2016-2020)
Brett Sullivan (2016-2017)
April Mullen (2017-2018)
Peter Stebbings (2016)
Grant Harvey (2018)
Jem Garrard (2021)
Melanie Scrofano (2020)


Emily Andras (2016-2021)
Beau Smith (2016-2021)
Caitlin D. Fryers (2016-2021)
Matt Doyle (2018-2021)
Brendon Yorke (2016-2020)
Alexandra Zarowny (2016-2017)
Shelley Scarrow (2016-2021)
Noelle Carbone (2018-2021)
James Hurst (2016)
Ramona Barckert (2016-2017)
John Callaghan (2017)

Story Editor:

Caitlin D. Fryers (2016-2021)
Matt Doyle (2018-2021)
Matt Doyle (2018-2021)
Ian MacIntyre (2020)


Gavin Smith
Gerald Packer


Michael Doherty
Matthew Anas


Robert Carli
Peter Chapman
Paul Intson
Trevor Yuile

Production Designer:

Ingrid Jurek
Trevor Smith

Art Director:

Trevor Smith (2016-2017)
Cathy Cowan (2018-2020)
Tracey Baryski (2016)
James Phillips (2017)
Andrew Moreau (2021)
Bill Ives (2020)
Amber Humphries (Set Decoration, 2016-2021)
Stacey Gooch (Set Decoration, 2017-2018)

Costume Designer:

Jennifer Haffenden

Cast: Roles:

Melanie Scrofano
Tim Rozon
Dominique Provost-Chalkley
Katherine Barrell
Varun Saranga
Greg Lawson
Shamier Anderson
Michael Eklund
Dani Kind
Martina Ortiz Luis
Tamara Duarte
Daniel Onerheim
Chantel Riley
Meghan Heffern
Jean Marchand
Kate Drummond
Savannah Basley

Wynonna Earp
Doc Holliday
Waverly Earp
Nicole Haught
Jeremy Chetri
Sheriff Randy Nedley
Agent Dolls
Bobo Del Rey
Mercedes Gardner
Rachel Valdez
Rosita Bustillos
Paramedic (2017)
Kate (2018-2020)
Beth Gardner (2017)
Bulshar (2018)
Agent Lucado (2016-2017)
Cleo Clanton (2020-2021)