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Young Triffie

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90 minutes – Comedy/Drama
Release date: April 6, 2007
Canadian Distributor: TVA Films

Set in Swyer’s Harbour, Newfoundland in 1948, the “Young Triffie” in the title is in fact the late Tryphenia Maude Pottle. At the time, Newfoundland is going through another of its periodic upheavals and union with Canada is just a year away. This comic tale is based on the play, Young Triffie’s Been Made Away With by Ray Guy who also worked on the screenplay. The story begins when Andrew Hepditch, a hapless and gormless young Newfoundland ranger, is sent out to the isolated outport of Swyer’s Harbour to investigate a common sheep-shagging/mutilation. He also finds himself face and eyes into a vicious murder and way over his head in the mysterious workings of outport village life. From the time the body of “that poor young silly person” washes ashore, replete with 13 stab wounds, until the moment when the local preacher`s hand is nailed to the table in the doctor’s front parlor, the laughter never lets up in this comic murder mystery. Young Triffie is Mary Walsh’s debut as a feature director. It was chosen to be the Opening Gala film at the 17th annual St. John`s Women`s International Film Festival in October of 2006.

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Daniel Louis
Denise Robert


Barbara Doran
Mary Walsh
Lynne Wilson


Mary Walsh


Ray Guy
Christian Murray
Mary Walsh


Eric Cayla


Yvann Thibaudeau


Alan Doyle

Production Designer:

Stephen Osler

Art Director:

Marty Sexton
Terry Wareham
Kelly Bruton (Set Decorator)
Kathee Reardigan (Set Decorator)

Costume Designer:

Marie Sharpe

Cast: Roles:

Fred Ewanuick

Rémy Girard
Andrea Martin
Colin Mochrie
Mary Walsh
Andy Jones
Cathy Jones
Marthe Bernard
Danny Blanco
Rick Boland
Suezn Carpenter
Francis David
Glenn Downey
Jonny Harris
Susan Kent
Jody Richardson
John Paul Ryan
Frank Schorpion
Pete Soucy
Sherry White
Jennifer Adams
Doug Ballet
Donna Butt

Ranger Alan Hepditch
Dr. Percy Melrose
Mrs. Grace Melrose
Sgt. Bill O’Mara
Millie Bishop
Pastor Wilfred Pottle
Aunt Ducky Piercy
Young Triffie
Charles the cook
Uncle Calvin
Brenda Piercy
Old Man Washbourne
Billy Head
Mrs. Head
Ranger Guzzwell
Uncle Charlie
Major Whalberg
Ranger Jenkins
Matron Sankey
Large Woman
Uncle Oral Head