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Zeroes & Ones at CSA Night 3

Zeroes & Ones at CSA Night 3, image,
Photo by George Pimintel. Used with permission.

Zeroes & Ones at CSA Night 3
by Ralph Lucas, Publisher

(March 29, 2019- Toronto, ON) It was Digital Night last night at the Canadian Screen Awards. The venue shifted from the Heritage Hall at Exhibition Place to, by comparison, a much more intimate venue at the Globe and Mail Centre.

Titled The Gala Honouring Digital Storytelling, 13 Canadian Screen Awards were presented along with a presentation of many innovative digital technologies Canadians are using to expand the storytelling experience.

“Canadian film and television makers continue to advance the digital medium to tell their stories in totally unique and immersive ways,” said Beth Janson, CEO, Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television “With Canada being such a diverse place with so many incredible stories to tell, it’s vital to recognize their contributions.”

Following is the complete list of winners at last night’s Digital Storytelling Gala:

Best Cross-Platform Project
CBC News: Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo
(CBC News)
Connie Walker, Marnie Luke, Jennifer Fowler, Mieke Anderson, Heather Evans, Bria John, Brenda Witmer
Best Cross-Platform Project – Children’s and Youth
Dino Dana Digital
(Sinking Ship Entertainment)
Blair Powers, J.J. Johnson, Ronald Ruslim, Gavin Friesen, Javier Plana, Mark Cautillo, Brian
Andrade, Jermaine Williams, Andrew Eastmond, Andrew Ebert, Nathan Langdon, Roslyn
Stockton, Sean Hamilton, Alex Gordon, Leisha-Marie Riddel, Deanna Ip, Leo Kouvaris, Adriano
Bertuzzo, Kevin Gan, Michael Pearce, Rachel Cravit, Christopher Coey, Geordie Telfer
Best Original Interactive Production
Nuclear Dissent
Pablo Vio, Heather Phenix, Sean Crawford, Booker Sim, Sula Greene, Steven Mengin, John
Flores, Calum Moore, Peter Altamirano, Craig Hill, Alejandro Mesa, Amelie Rosser, Vadim
Namniak, Gauthier Pompougnac
Best Writing, Web Program or Series
Gary and His Demons – Guy On The Tiger
(Look Mom! Productions)
Mark Little
Best Direction, Web Program or Series
(MacLaren Productions Inc.)
Grayson Moore, Aidan Shipley, Connor Illsley, Jon Riera
Best Web Program or Series, Fiction
Presented with the participation of the Independent Production Fund
How to Buy a Baby
(LoCo Motion Pictures Inc.)
Lauren Corber, Wendy Litner
Best Web Program or Series, Non-Fiction
The Artists: The Pioneers Behind the Pixels
(The Artists (CANADA) Inc.)
Christina Piovesan, Peter Mishara, Omar Majeed
Best Immersive Experience – Non-Fiction
A Curious Mind with Dominic Monaghan (pictured above)
David Brady, Jonathon Corbiere, Andrew MacDonald, Tristan Cezair, Tyler Sammy, Nick Counter
Best Immersive Experience – Fiction
Biidaaban: First Light
(National Film Board of Canada)
Lisa Jackson, Mathew Borrett, Rob McLaughlin, Dana Dansereau
Best Virtual Reality Game
Museum of Symmetry
(National Film Board of Canada)
Paloma Dawkins, Maral Mohammadian, Michael Fukushima
Best Supporting Performance, Web Program or Series
The Writers’ Block
(Frantic Films)
Jayne Eastwood
Best Host, Web Program or Series
etalk Live: The Oscars Balcony
(Bell Media)
Danielle Graham, Lainey Lui
Best Lead Performance, Web Program or Series
(Drive-In Keep Out Productions)
Alex Ozerov