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2018 Prix Iris Winners

2018 Prix Iris Winners

2018 Prix Iris Winners
by Staff

(June 4, 2018 – Toronto, ON) It seemed like a fun night, watching the 2nd annual Prix Iris on television. It seemed more like an association dinner, restricted to members only. That’s not a dig. There was an intimacy to the broadcast that we suspect comes from a relatively small industry, compared to Hollywood for example, where if everybody doesn’t know everybody they certain know of their fellow travellers and show them the respect their careers have allowed. It was a relatively short program and we will shorten it even more by highlighting the winners in the main categories from last night’s Gala award ceremony.

Following are the films and people nominated for a Prix Iris, with the winning title or name indicated in bold:

Best Film:

Les Affamés, Boost, Chien De Garde, La Petite Fille Qui Aimait Trop Les Allumettes, Le problème d’infiltration, Les rois Mongols, Tuktuq

Best Director:
Robin Aubert (Les Affamés), Darren Curtis (Boost), Sophie Dupuis (Chien de garde), Robert Morin (Le problème d’infiltration), Luc Picard (Les rois mongols)

Best Screenplay:
Nicole Bélanger (Les rois mongols), Darren Curtis (Boost), Sophie Dupuis (Chien de garde), Robert Morin (Le problème d’infiltration), Gabriel Sabourin (C’est le coeur qui meurt en dernier)

Best Actress in a Lead Role:
Charlotte Aubin (Isla Blanca), Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin (Le Trip à trois), Denise Filiatrault (C’est le coeur qui meurt en dernier), Maude Guérin (Chien de garde), Élise Guilbault (Pour vivre ici)

Best Actor in a Lead Role:
Christian Bégin (Le problème d’infiltration), Jesse Camacho (We’re Still Together), Patrick Huard (Bon Cop Bad Cop 2), Joey Klein (We’re Still Together), Jean-Simon Leduc (Chien de garde)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role:
Isabelle Blais (Tadoussac), Sandra Dumaresq (Le problème d’infiltration), Micheline Lanctôt (Les Affamés), Brigitte Poupart (Les Affamés), Karine Vanasse (Isabelle)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:
Jahmil French (Boost), Robert Morin. (Tuktug), Emmanuel Schwartz (Hochelaga, Terre des Âmes), Guy Thauvette (Le problème d’infiltration), Anthony Therrien (Charlotte a du fun).

Northernstars.ca congratulates the nominees and winners and we look forward to the 3rd annual Prix Iris in 2019.