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Help Keep Northernstars Online

(August 11, 2023 – Toronto, ON) Northernstars™ reached an important milestone on February 1, 2023. Updated daily, that date marked the completion of 25 years online, more than 9,000 editions of our website. We want to give you more. Not just a better website, but more content from film journalists across Canada, more exclusive video interviews, more reviews, more news.

Since day 1, Northernstars.ca has been funded almost exclusively by its founder. Now 77 years young and still active, retirement is overdue and that funding will disappear.

In the next few months we hope to form a new Board of Directors and begin a major redesign of our website. That means more links to include Canadian Cinematographers, Production Designers, Costume Designers and more. To sustain our future growth, the new Board will apply for Charitable Status, a process that can take between six and 18 months. We can’t wait that long.

We hope you will consider supporting our Growth Fund.

DonateOur Growth Fund will keep Northernstars online and fund our 2023 redesign & rebuild plans.

Or, you can direct your gift to our Production Fund, which will underwrite a new season of video interviews beginning in the summer of 2023. Your support here can be recognized in the closing credits of the interview if you so choose.

We have selected Montreal-based Ziffy to handle processing your donation as they don’t charge any fees. Until we have Charitable Status we urge you to consider a donation between $5.00 and $25.00.

A very sincere Thank You from everyone at Northernstars™.