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Attiya Khan’s documentary, A Better Man is based on her own true life situation when, as a teenager, she lived with a boyfriend who emotionally and physically abused her every day for the two years they stayed together. Northernstars wrote this about the film when it had its World Premiere at Hot Docs in 2017: “The touching and sometimes disturbing documentary A Better Man is a very tough look at a very tough issue. The issue is domestic violence and what makes this a compelling piece of filmmaking is the fact the abused and the abuser are brought together to examine what their life together was like a couple of decades ago. More compelling still is the fact the co-director, Attiya Khan, is the woman who was the young girlfriend taking the beatings. This is an emotionally powerful film and there are scenes that will slap you almost as hard as she must have been. Why the abuser would show up for this very public outing is contained in the film’s title.”

In early August 2017, Attiya Khan was given the Sabeen Mahmud Award for Courage in Cinema at the Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival for A Better Man.

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A Better Man (2017, co-directed by Lawrence Jackman)

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A Better Man (2017, co-written by Lawrence Jackman)

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