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Bad Blood (2017-)

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60-minutes – Series, Drama, Crime, Mafia
First Broadcast: September 21, 2017
Originating Networks: CITY-TV, FX, Radio-Canada

2017: 6 episodes
2018: 8 episodes

Based on the book Business or Blood: Mafia Boss Vito Rizzuto’s Last War by organised crime experts Peter Edwards and Antonio Nicaso, Bad Blood began as a 6-part mini-series costarring Anthony LaPaglia (Riviera, Without a Trace) and Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy) to tell the true story of notorious Montreal Mafia boss, Vito Rizzuto. Written by Simon Barry (Van Helsing, Continuum) and Michael Konyves (Barney’s Version), Bad Blood is directed by Alain Desrochers (Security, Nitro Rush). Before Vito Rizzuto was jailed for the murders of three Bonanno crime family members in 2006, he ruled the Port of Montreal — the northern gateway to America’s drugs market. A master diplomat, he won the respect of rival Mafia clans and street gangs. Ably supported by his first lieutenant Declan (Coates), his criminal business thrived on his turf, his family prospered and his empire grew until he found himself behind bars. This drama follows the incredible story of his incarceration and release. Languishing in prison, Rizzuto (LaPaglia) watches on helplessly as the burgeoning criminal empire he built slowly begins to crumble and his family and closest friends are mysteriously murdered one by one. Desperate to fight back, Rizzuto can’t wait for his release and when he finally walks free, an epic Shakespearean revenge plays out, which devastating consequences for everyone involved.

Season 2 picks up after the death of Vito Rizzuto and centres of his former right-hand man, Declan (Kim Coates), who has become the reigning king of the Montreal drug trade.

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Executive Producer:

Simon Barry

Michael Konyves
Mark Montefiore
Patrick O’Sullivan

Virginia Rankin

Josée Vallée
Kim Coates (2018)

Co-Executive Producer:

lison Lea Bingeman (2018)

Associate Producer:

Lauren MacKinlay (2017)
Cameron MacLaren (2017)

Line Producer:

Christopher J.Danton


Alain Desrochers


Simon Barry
Michael Konyves


Michel St. Martin


Éric Drouin


FM Le Sieur

Production Designer:

Sylvain Gingras

Costume Designer:

Margaret Mohr (2017)
Michael Ground (2018)
Amanda Lee Street (2018)

Cast: Roles:

Kim Coates
Anthony LaPaglia
Maxim Roy
Tony Nappo
Brett Donahue
Enrico Colantoni
Paul Sorvino
Angela Asher
Valerie Buhagiar
Claudia Ferri
Amber Goldfarb
Simu Liu
Jason Martorino
Romano Orzari
Michelle Mylett
Moe Jeudy-Lamour
Ryan Blakely
Christopher Cordell
Joel Gagne
Neil Whitely
Josh Bainbridge
Sebastien Beaulac
Claire Calarco
Jim Calarco
Ho Chow
Rj Copan
Chris Farquhar
Steve Gagne
Christian Jadah
Max Laferriere
Scott Seguin
Dee Dee Sorvino
John Talbot
Mishka Thébaud
Melissa Toussaint
Murray Urquhart
Gianpaolo Venuta
Marie Whitehead
Andy Yu
Joris Jarsky
Vincent Leclerc

Lisa Berry
Eric Hicks
Anna Hopkins
Daniel Kash
Tristan D. Lalla
Franco Lo Presti
Ryan McDonald
Dylan Taylor
Sharon Taylor
Wole Daramola
Johnny Falcone
Louis Ferreira

Declan Gardiner
Vito Rizzuto
Enrico Jr.
Bruno Bonsignori
Nicolo Rizzuto Sr
France Charbonneau
Guy (2017)
Toto Bianchi
Marc Desjardins
Sal’s Man In Charge
Colorado Prison Warden
Irish Frank
Nico Jr. Bodyguard
Superior Police Officer (2017)
Cambodian Restaurant Owner
Nico’s Goon #2
Vito’s Thug #2
Vito’s Thug
Irish Gangster #2
Night Club Manager
Drunken Man
Biker Martin
Young victor
Bruno’s Wife
Cambodian Restaurant Owner’s Son
Sal Montagna
Jacques Pilote

Nellie Bullock (2018)
Ken Tucker (2018)
Teresa Langana (2018)
Enzo Cosoleto (2018)
Junior (2018)
Luca Cosoleto (2018)
Reggie Ross (2018)
Nats Cosoleto (2018)
Rose Sunwind (2018)
Siro (2018)
Christian Langana (2018)
Domenic Cosoleto (2018)