leaf Astronaut stars Richard Dreyfuss as lonely widower Angus Stewart who once upon a time dreamt of becoming an astronaut. Now living in a retirement home, his life seems over; he feels worthless and alone. But one day the dream returns when Angus learns of a competition for a trip into space. He changes his birthdate, battles preconceptions, deals with ill health and time in the hopes of winning and taking the trip of his long lost dreams.

(July 26 - Limited)

Killing Patient Zero

leaf Killing Patient Zero tells the story of Québec-born flight attendant Gaetan Dugas who was notoriously (and erroneously) known as ‘patient zero.” Based on Richard McKay’s groundbreaking book, Patient Zero and the Making of the AIDS Epidemic, this documentary sets out to clear the name of Gaetan Dugas and kill the idea that he was responsible for starting the epidemic in the 1980s.
July 26 (Toronto)

There Are No Fakes

leaf A painting by an iconic Native artist leads the rock star who buys it into the tragic, brutal world of an art forgery ring in Canada's far north. There Are No Fakes had its World Premiere at the 2019 Hot Docs festival in Toronto.
August 15, 2019 - Winnipeg

The Death and Life of John F. Donovan

leaf Ten years have passed since the death of an American TV star, the titular John F. Donovan, played by Kit Harington in Xavier Dolan’s first English-language feature, The Death and Life of John F. Donovan. A young actor working on a teen drama called Hellsome High, reflects on the written correspondence he conducted with the fallen performer. Meanwhile, an 11-year old boy, Rupert, played by Jacob Tremblay, a fan of Hellsome High writes letters to the show’s cast.
(August 23, 2019)

Carmine Street Guitars

leaf Set in New York's Greenwich Village, Carmine Street Guitars focuses on custom guitar maker Rick Kelly and his young apprentice Cindy Hulej, build handcrafted guitars out of reclaimed wood from old hotels, bars, churches and other local buildings, while all around him The Village is changing thanks to encroaching gentrification.
August 23-24 - Festival du Cinéma, Knowlton QC