leafSpinster is about Gaby, who was unceremoniously dumped on her 40th birthday and is petrified she’ll be alone forever. She embarks on a dating rampage only to discover that her problem isn’t that she doesn’t have a love life – it’s that she doesn’t have a life.
August 7, 2020 (iTunes Canada, Vimeo on Demand)

The Rest of Us

leaf The Rest of Us A single mother’s unlikely friendship with her ex’s wife leads to a new family dynamic, in Aisling Chin-Yee’s humorous and heartbreaking debut.
August 7, 2020 (Digital TIFF Lightbox)

Donald Sutherland

In The Burnt Orange Heresy, an ambitious art critic steals a rare painting and becomes consumed by his own greed as the operation spins out of control. Directed by Giuseppe Capotondi and based on Charles Willeford's noir novel The Burnt Orange Heresy stars Elizabeth Debicki, Donald Sutherland, Claes Bang, and Mick Jagger.
August 7, 2020

Random Acts of Violence

leaf Random Acts of Violence asks, What are the real consequences when life begins to imitate art? Comic book creator Todd Walkley, his wife Kathy, assistant Aurora and best friend, Hard Calibre Comics owner Ezra, embark upon a road trip from Toronto to NYC comic con and bad things start to happen. People start getting killed.
July 31, 2020 (Digital, Online)

The Cuban

leafWhen a naive pre-med student named Mina (Ana Golja) gets her first job in a nursing home, she meets an elderly Cuban jazz musician named Luis (Louis Gossett Jr.). Mkina likes to sing while working and comes to realize that the music triggers Luis' memories. She uses it to break him out of his dementia and to create moments of lucidity and joy.
July 31, 2020 (Limited)

Catch and Release

leafAn extremist anti-abortion faction executes a brazen kidnapping and transports a young pregnant woman to a remote location where she will be forced to bring her pregnancy to term. Catch and Release is based on the Pulitzer Prize-Nominated play "Keely and Du", by Jane Martin.
July 10, 2020:
VIRTUAL THEATRES: Sudbury Indie Cinema, Sudbury, ON
City Cinema, Charlottetown, PEI
July 14, 2020: Vimeo on Demand & iTunes Canada

From the Vine

leafBased on the novel "Finding Marco" by Kenneth Canio Cancellara, From The Vine tells the story of Marco Gentile who travels back to his hometown in rural Italy where he decides to revive his grandfather's old vineyard.
July 10, 2020 (Digital, On Demand)


leaf When you know your world is predetermined, it’s hard to care about your choices. Volition is a mind-bending science-fiction thriller, where the line between fate and free-will blurs.

(July 10, 2020 - digital release)


leafIn Murmur, Donna has recently been convicted of “Driving While Impaired” and is ordered to perform community service at the local animal shelter. When an elderly dog is scheduled to be euthanized, Donna decides to take the dog home and quickly realizes his companionship can ease her loneliness.
(July 17-23 - TIFF Digital Lightbox)

Guest of Honour

leafA hoax instigated by an aggressive school bus driver (Rossif Sutherland) goes very wrong in Aton Egoyan's Guest of Honour. Accused of abusing her position of authority with 17-year-old Clive (Alexandre Bourgeois) and another student, Veronica is imprisoned. Convinced that she deserves to be punished for crimes she committed at an earlier age, Veronica rebuffs her father’s attempts to secure her early release.
(July 10, 2020 - VOD)