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Daniel Cross is an Associate Professor and previous Chair of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Montreal’s Concordia University. He also serves on the University’s Board of Governors and holds a university research chair in interactive documentary filmmaking. He is also a multi-disciplined award-winning documentary filmmaker with a long history of directing and producing theatrical documentaries and exploring new media approaches. He made his mark directing feature length films concerning issues of homelessness; The Street: a film with the homeless, S.P.I.T: Squeegee Punks In Traffic and the online interactive documentary Homeless Nation winning the UN World Summit Award for e-inclusion. Together with eight Inuit students, he co-directed Inuuvunga: I am Inuk I am alive. He co-directed the films Atanasoff for History TV and Chairman George for the BBC and CTV networks. Cross also co-produced the Genie Award films Up the Yangtze and Last Train Home, which also won two Emmy Awards in 2014. He has won both the Trailblazer award at MIPDOC in Cannes, and the Inaugural Mentor of the Year award from the Canadian Media Producers Association.

An Executive Producer with some 25 titles to his credit including Rainforest, China Heavyweight, I Am The Blues, Angry Inuk and Manic, which screened at the 2017 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival in Toronto. In 2017 he was the recipient of the Don Haig Award, which is presented by the Hot Docs Board of Directors to an outstanding Canadian independent producer with a feature-length film in competition at the Festival, and is selected by a jury of independent producers.

Features & TV Movies
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

The Street: A Film with the Homeless (1997)

Too Colourful for the League (TV-2001)
S.P.I.T.: Squeegee Punks in Traffic (2001)
Chairman George (2005)

I Am the Blues (2015)

Credits as a Screenwriter:
Rainforest (2011)
I Am the Blues (2015)

Credits as a Producer:

The Street: A Film with the Homeless (1997)

S.P.I.T.: Squeegee Punks in Traffic (2001)
Bone (2005)
Chairman George (Co-producer, 2005)
The Colony (Executive producer, 2007)
Up the Yangtze (Executive producer, 2007)
RiP: A Remix Manifesto (Executive producer, 2009)
Last Train Home (Executive producer, 2009)

Killa-EF (Executive producer, 2010)
Mokhtar (Executive producer, 2010, short)
Inside Lara Roxx (Executive producer, 2011)
The Vanishing Spring Light (Executive producer, 2011)
Fortunate Son (2011)
Rainforest (2011)
China Heavyweight (Executive producer, 2012)
Jingle Bell Rocks! (Executive producer, 2013)
Family Demolition (Executive producer, 2015)
I Am the Blues (Executive producer, 2015)
Angry Inuk (Executive producer, 2016)
The Vote (Executive producer, 2016, short)
Tokyo Idols (Executive producer, 2017)
Let There Be Light (Executive producer, 2017)
Manic (Executive producer, 2017)
Anote’s Ark (2018)

I Am the Blues movie poster