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Harry Cherniak is a Toronto-based producer. His short films have premiered at TIFF and played on the CBC and Air Canada, and he is currently developing a number of feature film projects. Little Kings, which he is producing with Dusty Mancinelli, is currently being developed through the National Screen Institute’s Features First program. When not producing, Cherniak works as a lawyer and business affairs consultant for a number of independent producers and is a publicist with Toronto-based Bonne Smith of Star PR. He recently spent three years as a corporate lawyer at Torys LLP and has worked in Los Angeles and Toronto as an assistant and then business affairs consultant to Nicholas Tabarrok, President of Darius Films. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Inside Out LGBT Film Festival. These are his credits as a producer.

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Features & TV Movies
VR indicates Direct-to-Video release

Death to Charlie! (executive producer, 2006, short)
P.U.R.E. (2007, short)
Soap (2009, short)

Pathways (2011, short)
Broken Heart Syndrome (2012, short)
Haziran (executive producer, 2014, short)
Winter Hymns (2015, short)
The Big Crunch (2016, short)
Wexford Plaza (2017)
Speaking in Tongues (2018)
The Padre (associate producer, 2018)
Stockholm (associate producer, 2018)
Tammy’s Always Dying (co-producer, 2019)

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