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Never Saw It Coming

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89 minutes – Thriller
Festival release date: December 1, 2017 – Whistler Film Festival (World Premiere)
U.S. festival release: June 15, 2018 – SOHO International (New York)
Release date: TBA
Production company: Marina Cordoni Entertainment Inc.
Distributor: TBA

Based on the novel by Linwood Barclay, who wrote the screenplay, this dark comic thriller stars Emily Hampshire as con artist Keisha Ceylon. She is suffering through a toxic relationship with an abusive boyfriend and can barely make ends meet. To make money she offers bogus psychic services in missing person cases, pretending to be able to locate the missing child or spouse for a fee. She is not above setting things up with the supposed disappeared person in advance in order to con the parents or spouse out of some hard-earned cash. Unfortunately, she stumbles upon a case involving a rich man named Wendell Garfield (Eric Roberts). When she offers up a few tidbits of info in his missing wife’s case, he freaks out and becomes convinced that the seer knows he has committed a heinous crime. When he comes after her, she instinctively fights back and murders Wendell in self-defence. Much to her amazement, the police don’t seem to suspect her even though she is not that adept at hiding her tracks. She has stumbled upon the fact that offing folks who get in your way is sometimes the most convenient solution, and cops aren’t necessarily that good at identifying the perpetrators. Can this be a way out of her grim domestic situation?

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Marina Cordoni
Gail Harvey

Executive Producer:

Jay Firestone
Steven Pasternak
Michael Forsey
Danny Webber


Gail Harvey


Linwood Barclay


James Griffith


Jim Munro


Dillon Baldassero

Production Designer:

Peter Mihaichuk

Costume Designer:

Amanda Lee Shaw

Cast: Roles:

Emily Hampshire
Eric Roberts
Katie Boland
Shaun Benson
Maria del Mar
Chris Farquhar
Tamara Podemski
Jeff Clarke
Michael James Regan
Rachel MacMillan
Matt Connors
Nick Serino
Marie Whitehead
Keegan Hedley

Keisha Ceylon
Wendell Garfield
Melissa Garfield
Kirk Nicholson

Police Officer
Detective Rona Wedmore
Dwayne Taggart
Music store manager
Justin Taggart
Laci Harmon
Matthew Ceylon