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B: February 13, 1981 in Dawson Creek, British Columbia

Nicholas Humphries is an award-winning director. A number of his short films have been licensed for distribution, including the award-winning The Little Mermaid. His second feature, Charlotte’s Song, screened at the 2015 Vancouver International Film Festival. Other work includes the 2nd Chapter of the Syfy digital series, Riese: Kingdom Falling that was dubbed into many languages and distributed internationally through NBC Universal. It was also re-cut as a feature for broadcast on SPACE Channel and distributed on DVD in Australia.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Larson (2006, short)
The Debt (2006, short)
Tell Me Again (2006, short)
The One That Got Away (2007, short)
The Brown Bag Mystery (2007, short)
Integrity of the Amish (2007, short)
Father Fred (2007, short)
Fade Out (2007, short)
Night of the Living Dead Mexicans (2008, short)
Lenny the Raccoon Slayer (2008, short)
Go Kill Yourself (2008, short)
A Great Day for Death (2008, short)
#8 Tire on the Ice (2009, short)
The Gig (2009, short)
Lost & Found (2009, short)
Don’t Call Me Zombie (2009, short)
Beyond the Door (2009, short)

Seance (2010, short)
Demon John (2010, short)
Bathroom Talk (2010, short)
The Sirens (2011, short)
The Little Mermaid (2011, short)
Harold (2011, short)
Spring Cleaning (2012, short)
No Place Like Home (2012, short)
Tumbling After (2012, short)
Mind Your Manners (2012, short)
Frozenwish (2013, short)
Wake Me Up (2013, short)
M is for Messiah (2013, short)
Cheers to Death (2013, short)
Ashu (2013, short)
Death Do Us Part (2014)
Charlotte’s Song (2015)
Project Ithaca (2018)

TV Series:
Riese (2009-2010, mini-series, 10 episodes)
Naomi: The Show (2010, 10 episodes)
Written By a Kid (2012, 1 episode)

Credits as a Screenwriter:
Ouroboros (2006, short)
The One That Got Away (2007, short)
Lost & Found (2009, short)

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