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Played (2013)

Played, series cast,

Date of first broadcast: October 3, 2013
Originating network: CTV

Episodes: 2013: 13 x 60 minutes

Played follows the Covert Investigations Unit (C.I.U.), a new elite, undercover police unit created to infiltrate criminal worlds. These cops perform high-wire acts, nerve-wracking confidence games, or “plays.” In covert sting operations, they buy drugs, pose as lawyers, flirt with killers, befriend gangbangers, and arrange gun shipments – all to collect evidence, coax confessions, and make arrests. The C.I.U. cops are full of charm and humour. They think quickly and talk smoothly, relying on their instincts and charisma to inspire trust. But undercover “plays” are unpredictable and they can turn on a dime so the cops must be ready for anything, at any moment. If they aren’t convincing – if they aren’t real – it only takes one missed cue and their lives could be over in an instant.

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John Calvert

Executive Producer:

Janis Lundman
Adrian Mitchell
Greg Nelson
Michael Prupas

Co-Executive Producer:

Matt MacLennan

Associate Producer:

Jeremy Spry


Charles Binamé
Jerry Ciccoritti
Rachel Talalay
Grant Harvey


Greg Nelson
Matt MacLennan
Larry Bambrick
Hannah Moscovitch

Cast: Roles:

Adam Butcher
Agam Darshi
Lisa Marcos
Dwain Murphy
Carly Pope
Vincent Walsh
Chandra West

Jesse Calvert
Khali Bhatt
Maria Cortez
Daniel Price
John Morehead
Rebecca Ellis