110 minutes – Horror
Festival release date: August 26, 2019 (London FightFest Film Festival)
Release date: January 31, 2020
Production company: Back 40 Pictures
Canadian distributor: A71 Entertainment
UK distributor: 101 Films
US distributor: Shout! Studios

Rose (Laura Vandervoort) is a quiet, demure, unassuming woman in her looks and actions. But as a fashion designer, this makes it difficult for her to stand out in the world of flawlessly beautiful models including her own roommate. Relegated to the role of seamstress for a world-renowned designer, all Rose wants is to be noticed for her own designs. When she witnesses the closeness of her model roommate with Brad (Ben Hollingsworth), the photographer she has grown close to, Rose rushes from a party feeling angry and hurt. A resulting traffic accident leaves her with significant scars on her face and body. Based on the referral from her apologetic roommate, Rose undergoes a highly experimental healing procedure that uses stems cells to speed up and improve healing. She recovers to find herself looking as beautiful as the models she works with and her confidence and sexual appetite is also increased leading to several torrid sexual encounters. However, unbeknownst to her, Rose sets off a spiralling contagion, as within 24 hours her lovers become rabid, violent spreaders of death and disease. As the disease mutates, it spreads through society at an accelerated rate causing an ever-increasing number of people to rampage through the streets in a violent and bloody killing spree. The now out of control disease draws the attention of the CDC and the nefarious plastic surgeon out to find the cure. The spreading violence around them impedes them from discovering the truth. Rose is both the source of the disease and its cure…and time is running out.

This is a remake of the 1977 film Rabid, written and directed by David Cronenberg.
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Rabid, 2019 movie, poster,



Paul Lalonde
John Vidette
Michael Walker

Executive Producer:

Charles Dorfman
David Gilbery
Larry Howard
Paul McGowan


Jaye Gazeley
Jen Soska
Sylvia Soska

Consulting Producer:

Laura Vandervoort


Jen Soska
Sylvia Soska


John Serge
Jen Soska
Sylvia Soska


Kim Derko


Claude Foisy

Production Designer:

Peter Mihaichuk

Art Director:

Andrew Hill (Set Decorator)

Costume Designer:

Morganne Newson

Cast: Roles:

Laura Vandervoort
Benjamin Hollingsworth
Ted Atherton
Stephen McHattie
Edie Inksetter
Hanneke Talbot
Mackenzie Gray
C.M. Punk
A.J. Mendez
Greg Bryk
Jen Soska
Sylvia Soska
Stephen Huszar
Lynn Lowry
Allison Feliciano
Tara Yelland
Avaah Blackwell
Vanessa Jackson
Heidi von Palleske
Joel Labelle
Jesse Griffiths
Amanda Zhou
Lucas Meeuse
Hillary Daley
Ava Close
Kevin Hanchard
Troy James

Brad Hart
Dr. William Burroughs
Dr. Keloid
Dr. Beverly
Chelsea, Rose’s best friend
Gunter, a fashion designer
Dr. Cynthia Burroughs
Gunter’s Model
Gunter’s Model
Dr. Eliot
Trent Taylor
Stylist with a Glue Gun
Gunters Model
Girl Eating a Bird
Dr. Riley
Smoking Man