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B: in Vancouver, BC

Sarah Shamash is a Vancouver-based media artist. She studied film and media arts at Paris 8, University of Saint Denis, in France completing a Master’s degree in Film and in Media Arts. Since the 2000s, she has been exhibiting her work in art venues and film festivals while pursuing her creative production at international artist residencies including Vancouver, Toronto, Banff, Salvador, Sao Paulo and Amman, Jordan. She completed the TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program at the Canadian Film Centre (CFC) in 2007. Her art installation I is for Idle No More appeared in 2013 at the VIMAF Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival in Vancouver.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Passages & Puzzles (2007, documentary)
Security Guards (2008, documentary)
Ariadne’s Thread (VR-2009)
The Adventure of a Photographer (VR-2009)

Pink Girl (VR-2010)
Variations on Elevators (VR-2011)
(Dis)location (2011)