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B: in Trinidad

Selwyn Jacob moved to Canada in 1968 to attend the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Following graduation he completed a master’s degree in film studies at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. On October 8, 2019 he was given an honorary degree by Dalhousie University in recognition of his outstanding contributions. Other honours include the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta and an Honorary Alumni Award from the University of Alberta for community contribution. We list his credits as a Producer first.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Yuxweluptun: Man of Masks (1992, short)
The Road Taken (1996, documentary)
John McCrae’s War: In Flanders Fields (1998, documentary)
T’Lina: The Rendering of Wealth (1999, documentary)

Nuclear Dynamite (2000, documentary)
The Journey of Lesra Martin (TV-2002, documentary)
Obâchan’s Garden (2003, documentary)
From Harling Point (TV-2003, documentary)
Why Thee Wed (2005, documentary)
Between the Laughter (2006, short, documentary)
Writing the Land (2007, short)
River of Life (207, documentary)
Indigenous Plant Diva (2008, short)
A Charman Event (2008, short)
This Land (2009, short, documentary)
The Visit (2009, short)

When You Give of Yourself (2010, short)
Mighty Jerome (2020, documentary)
Button Blanket (2010, short)
Hue: A Matter of Colour (2013, documentary)
Crazywater (2013, documentary)
Andrew Dawes: Dynamic Range (2013, short)
Ninth Floor (2015, documentary)
Rock the Box (2015, short, documentary)
Holy Angels (2017, short, documentary)
Way of the Hunter (2018, short, documentary)
Now is the Time (2019, short, documentary)
Because We Are Girls (2019, documentary)

Credits as a Director:
We Remember Amber Valley (1984, documentary)
The Saint from North Battleford (1989, short)
Carol’s Mirror (1991, short)
Al-tasmim (1995, short)
The Road Taken (1996, documentary)