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The Forest Rangers

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30 minutes – Children’s show
Language: English
Date of first broadcast: 1963
Originating network: CBC (Canada), ITC (United Kingdom)
Production companies: A.S.P. Productions Ltd., Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Incorporated Television Company

The Forest Rangers was an adventure series for children about a gang of resourceful Canadian young people who lived in Northern Ontario. The cast was mainly masde up of young people, and a few key adult actors. A CBC Television and ITC Entertainment co-production the series ran from 1963 to 1965 and totalled 104 episodes. It was the first television show produced in Canada to be produced colour. Executive producer Maxine Samuels created the show, which was first broadcast as part of the CBC children’s series Razzle Dazzle, hosted by Alan Hamel and Michelle Finney. This was the first appearance in a major series by Gordon Pinsent, who left the series in 1965 to star in the series Quentin Durgens, M.P. The Forest Rangers was picked up for syndication in the United States from 1965-1966.

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Ted Holliday
William Davidson

Executive Producer:

Maxine Samuels

Associate Producer:

Laurel Crosby


George McCowan
George Gorman
Paul Almond
Don Haldane
Eric Till
Ronald Weyman
Leslie Arliss
Melwyn Breen
William Davidson


William Davidson
Lindsay Galloway
Brian Hadley James
Donald Jack
Michael Leighton
Paul Power
George Salverson


John Gunn


George Appleby
Ronald Piggott
Maurice Rootes
Eric Wrate


John Bath

Art Director:

Tom Spaulding
David McFadyen
Martin Carrington

Cast: Roles:

Graydon Gould
Rex Hagon
Michael Zenon
Gordon Pinsent
Rolland Bédard
Ralph Endersby
Peter Tully
Susan Conway
Syme Jago
Joe Austin&lt
Eric Clavering
Tom Harvey
Eric Cryderman
Ronald Cohoon
George Allan
Matthew Ferguson
Barbara Hamilton
Gerard Parkes
Ray Bellew
Trudy Young

Chief Ranger George Keeley
Junior Ranger Peter Keeley
Joe Two Rivers
Sergeant Brian Scott
Uncle Raoul
Junior Ranger Chub Stanley
Junior Ranger Mike Forbes
Junior Ranger Kathy
Junior Ranger Gaby La Roche
Prospector MacLeod
Matt Craig
Deputy Ranger Brody
Junior Ranger Zeke
Junior Ranger Ted
Junior Ranger
Danny Bailey
Mrs. Aggie Apple
Charlie Appleby/Michael Flynn
Rocky Webb