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Timothy Caulfield: Cheating Death

Timothy Caulfield: Cheating Death,
Timothy Caulfield image courtesy of Peacock Alley Entertainment.

(August 30, 2017 – Toronto, ON) If someone mentioned the name Timothy Caulfield, chances are it might take a moment or two before you remember who he is. He is one of the two people behind the book Pediatric Genetics: An Evolving Legal and Ethical Framework. Hmmmm. Still scratching your head? Okay, he’s the guy who wrote The Cure For Everything: Untangling Twisted Messages about Health, Fitness, and Happiness. Still searching through your little grey cells? Timothy Caulfield is the man who wrote Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong about Everything?: How the Famous Sell Us Elixirs of Health, Beauty & Happiness. Aha! That Timothy Caulfield!

Yes indeed that Timothy Caulfield, the debunker-extraordinaire and this time he’s stretching his stuff into the realm of the television documentary in a new short series from Toronto’s Peacock Alley Entertainment.

Caulfield sets out to tackle the touchy subject of checking out, or more accurately, how not to. VisionTV (Rogers channel 60 – Bell  1161 – Bell Fibe 1213 – Telus 871) will broadcast the world premiere of the six-part series A User’s Guide to Cheating Death starting Monday, September 18 at 9 PM ET, 6 PM Pacific.

With his trademark humour, quick wit and authoritative science knowledge, Caulfield will take audiences on a journey to expose the truth behind controversial health trends increasingly promoted by celebrity culture. Joined by a panel of experts A User’s Guide to Cheating Death will investigate trendy diets, “ancient therapies”, and other mass-marketed wellness and “anti-aging” products to separate science fact from fiction.

A User’s Guide to Cheating Death is a provocative look at trends that most of us have tried or thought of trying at one time or another,” said Carrie Mudd, President, Peacock Alley Entertainment, the company she launched in 2012.  “We are very fortunate to have the support of VisionTV, a channel whose audience is keenly interested in content on how to live longer and better than ever.” In fact, Peacock Alley recently announced that VisionTV has already green lit a second season of the series.

A User’s Guide to Cheating Death is executive produced by Carrie Mudd, produced by Michael Henry and Ryan Valentini of Peacock Alley, directed by Brent Hodge and distributed internationally by Sky Vision.